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We design small to medium CMS websites - Starting at just $600

The above website is an example of a starter site - Take a look!

Please note you would have your own domain name and not a Wix site name


If you are looking for a small to medium website for your business, we can help. We use Wix to design client's websites to help keep their development costs down. It allows us to custom design in a fraction of time.


If you are wondering what Wix is: Wix is a cloud-based development platform packed with options. You can add an online store. Have bookings, events, a blog, a member's section, online payments, and so much more. You can add a chat box and chat with clients who come to your website. The Wix app on your phone alerts you as soon as someone lands on your site, tells you their location, and allows you to communicate with them through the chatbox immediately. It's easy to integrate with social media apps, virtual tours, Mailchimp, and Quickbooks. You can take hotel bookings, show ticket bookings, and online restaurant orders. There is a lot that Wix brings to the table, therefore allowing us to serve you quickly and cost-efficiently. 

Here are some features and apps that you can add to your website:


  • Online Store /e-commerce

  • Online Bookings

  • Create and Manage Events

  • Add a Member's Area

  • Blog

  • Add a Content Manager

  • Add a Social Media Stream

  • Add Instagram Feed

  • Add Facebook Pages


  • Video Players

  • Audio Players

  • Slideshow

  • Virtual Tours

  • Gallery

  • Lightboxes

  • Lists and Grids

  • Pay Buttons

  • Strips 

Contact & Forms

  • Contact

  • Payment

  • Multistep

  • Donation

  • Job Application

  • Feedback

  • Contest

  • Price Quote

  • Subscribe

Why can't I just use Wix without you?

There is more to designing a website than just picking a template and inserting your information. Let us do the intricate, hard work in setting everything up, and then you can simply maintain it. Templates should be customized, so you are original. You need a designer to give you that edge above your competition. Unless you are an expert in SEO (search engine optimization), you should have a professional set that up for you. There's no sense in having a website if you have no idea how to optimize it. We make sure your site has a responsive layout for both desktop and mobile as well optimized for Search Engines. 

We chose Wix to make it easy for our clients to be able to add to or subtract from their websites, after we have set them up, therefore, eliminating the need to pay someone to do it for them. It will save your company significant money in the long run. Don't worry; we do not leave you high and dry as we will always be available to help you out if needed. 

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