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Video Production - Directing, Filming & Editing

Copper Town is 20yrs experienced in shooting and editing commercials, promos, TV shows, weddings, sports, events, live performances, interviews, and music videos. The head of our video production dept, Rachael McLennan (Smith), has worked with some pretty big names including Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones, Richard Dreyfuss, Carrie Fisher, Samuel L. Jackson, LeVar Burton, John McCain, Darius Rucker, Paul Shortino, Carmine Appice, Ralph Rieckermann, Danny Koker, Vinnie Paul Abbott, Carrot Top, Murray Sawchuck - Just to name a few!

Unfortunately not all videos and work experience can be displayed due to confidentiality agreements.
We do have a few examples to show. Please contact us for custom quote packages. Every video production is different therefore we do not have set prices. A rough quote for a 30sec commercial will cost you $300 and up.

You need to ask yourself the following questions: How many locations will there be for filming? Do I need any special effects done with editing? How many products do I want to show? Will the filming be in a lighted studio setting or outdoors?
All of these will affect your pricing.

Massive Waves at Mavericks - 40ft high Surfing December 8th, 2020

I drove over to Half Moon Bay from Campbell, California. Just a 45min drive away. What a magnificent sight Mavericks was! A truly epic day at Pillar Point, watching the best big wave surfers from around the world ride these waves. Unfortunately, I only have a lightweight camera. It has a superb zoom, but I needed a lens to reach the moon lol. We started on the beach, and I really couldn't see anything from there. We then went around the corner and had the best angle, but I was so far away. I didn't get the best footage the way the sun was shining, but I did get an artistic flare. Add a bit of music - Inspiration by David Fesliyan at Fesliyan Studios - - and I think I put together something special enough to share. The sheer force and power of these waves were fantastic to watch for hours on end. I feel so lucky to have been able to be part of such a special day! Hopefully, I can get on a boat at some point and get some incredible shots and footage - Rachael McLennan (Ravenskyes)

Music Videos - Las Vegas and LA

Paul Shortino and his wife Carmen approached Rachael in Las Vegas and asked if she could film the music video for King Kobra's "Have a Good Time". Rachael recruited Evan Allen and they filmed the band in the local live music venue Vamp'd. Vamp'd is owned and operated by Danny and Korie Koker. Danny has his own reality show on the History Channel called Counting Cars. The footage was edited in Spain. Frontier Records is the label. There are quite a few famous musician's faces appearing in this video including the late Vinnie Paul Abbott. VP was a near and dear friend to many people.

Vocals - Paul Shortino - Rough Cutt/The Cutt, Quiet Riot
Guitar - David Michael-Philips - Schoolboys, Keel
Guitar - Mick Sweda - BulletBoys
Bass Guitar - Johnny Rod - W.A.S.P
Drums - Carmine Appice - Rod Stewart, Ozzy Osbourne

Rachael was asked to produce a music video for the band Spelled Moon. Rachael directed, filmed, and edited the video for their song "A War of Shadows". Most of the footage was shot in LA and Las Vegas. Rachael staged her living room with two female friends in one scene and she was so dedicated to the success of the video that she put herself in it when they didn't have anyone to play the violin. She admits her violin skills could probably wake the dead! The scenes were shot in a total of 22 different locations. Rachael recruited help in Florida to shoot the drummer and gave direction on exactly what shots were needed. It was a lot of hard work but a fantastic experience.

Guitars / Vocals - Andy Sarcone Rooney - Won Shredder of the year award 2018 in Las Vegas. Originally from Argentina.
Bass - Ralph Rieckermann - Played with Scorpions
Keyboards - Claudio Pesavento - Played keys for Foreigner

Drums - Patrick Johansson - Played with W.A.S.P

Black Canvas by Villains. Composed by Evan Allen and John E. Stevens. Album: Murderers of Love (2015)

Video Directed by Evan Allen

Camera: Rachael Smith, Frank Padilla

Near the end of the video, the scene was filmed driving in circles in a car.

Gray Activa - Seashell Wetsuits promo

In April 2020 Gray Activa wanted to launch a campaign for a new product, seashell wetsuits. They had a designer working for them in India but the designer dropped out without completing the promo video or website. The video was created with an online video editor so it wasn't high quality. Gray Activa wanted to keep most of the 30-second promo but needed some changes and additions. They wanted to extend the length of the video. What made this project particularly difficult was they had no material to provide. Rachael was very creative in telling a story and filling in gaps.

Filmed in Las Vegas at Chef Steven Brucker's Residence. Grilling and Chillin was a cooking demonstration where Chef Steven shows musicians how to cook and entertain in their own homes.

Commerical for the Reefs Hotel and Spa with Rachel Sawden.

360 Visuals Video Production

Wedding Promo

All weddings were filmed and edited by Rachael. The weddings were all held in Bermuda. They are mostly American couples on a destination wedding.

The Tea Ceremony

An ancient custom

In modern Chinese weddings, the tea ceremony remains one of the most significant traditions. The couple will kneel before their elders and serve them tea, with the help of attendants. It is a symbol of the families’ welcoming the bride or groom into the family.

TV Reality - Weight Loss Show & High School Fitness Promo Clips

Global Entertainment - Bermuda

Rachael worked with Charles Reilly to produce the 'Bermuda 100 Day Challenge'. It was a weight loss program that ran the course of 100 days. Contestants were filmed for weekly boot camps as well as monthly weigh-ins, and going before the panels of judges once a month. The program ran on local tv with short 3 min promo clips as well as a monthly 1hr show. Rachael filmed for 3 years in the Spring

Rachael was head of the production for the tv reality show 'Bermuda National High School TV Show'. She directed, filmed, and did the editing. Students were filmed during weekly boot camps as well as weigh-ins. There were two categories of students who either wanted to lose weight or build muscle. The show ran on local television for a duration of 3 months. Rachael filmed and edited for 2 years in the Fall.

Editor's note: contains language that some viewers may find offensive

Tinnitus at Vampd

Jeff Tortora is the lead vocalist for Tinnitus. Jeff asked Rachael to film a live event. She filmed with one camera from the sound booth as that was where she was allowed to film from. Rachael edited the footage and added additional clips to make this teaser promo using a few songs.

Jeff is a very talented drummer and has been playing with Blue Man Group in Vegas for years. Tinnitus is a way for him to create and express himself on stage. The guitarist in this clip is the very talented Christian Brady of Hellyeah!

BeachFest 2009 - Horseshoe Bay Beach Bermuda - Joy Barnum performing Halo. There was a power outage so they could only have one light on with a blue gel and the sound feed wasn't perfect. The show must go on!

Rachael found the band Enova through The Amazing Race. She was running out the door when she saw Elliot Weber and his twin brother Andrew's contestant intro. They showed Elliot's band Enova. Rachael looked up the band and wrote to them.

Rachael got Enova a gig in Las Vegas at Vamp'd. She even opened up her living room for a band slumber party! When she went to visit a few friends in Arizona, she stayed at the band's house for a couple of days. She recorded them interview style in the backyard. True story!
The drummer wasn't available for the interview.

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