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Hootsuite Resources - Reliable information you can count on

In order for Copper Town BAM to give you the best return on investment, we need to turn to sources and research reliable information. Hootsuite is a social media management platform that covers almost every aspect of a social media manager's role. While we research on our own we frequently use Hootsuite and Insights to help us. We would like to share some of their posts with you. If you are new to Social Media, and how it can help your businesses these are great resources for you to learn.

Hootsuite's Social Trends 2021 Report

From Hootsuite: Backed by data from over 11,100 respondents, and in-depth interviews with top experts at agencies, brands, and social platforms, our global report shines a light on the top trends in social.


If you read through the PDF file below you will notice, on the page numbers in the top right corner, we have only included some of the pages from Hootsuite's full report. We wanted to give you a brief insight and overview but you will need to visit Hootsuite's website and download or print their full copy

TIP: This PDF scrolls down at the side on desktop or swipes to the side for mobile