What does living in a tiny house actually look like?

If you are like me, you have probably had your curiosity peaked by tiny house living. You may have watched Tiny House Nation on Netflix and thought, "Hey, that looks pretty cool." I had never considered living in a tiny house as it's a small space to try and shove a lot of stuff into. You need to have excellent organizational skills and be very resourceful.

When Jim and I had the opportunity to move to California, I wasn't sure what to expect with the tiny house on his Grandparents' property. Jim arrived a month ahead of me and took a video clip of what the tiny house looked like inside. It gave me an excellent idea of the size and setup to be able to create the best possible way to organize that small space and make it completely livable.

As you can see in the video, everything was pretty basic, and there was a lot more space as Jim hadn't even unpacked yet. I noticed there wasn't anywhere to place a countertop oven or any food. There was only one chair and desk to sit at. There were no rugs. Storage for clothes was limited. Where on earth was I going to fit all of my beauty products lol?

When I arrived, the first thing I did was to go to Home Depot a few days in a row till I had shelving to basically build a kitchen. Jim's Grandparents kept seeing me carry things into the tiny house and wondered where on earth I was fitting everything. Sometimes you need to put more stuff in to have somewhere to put the belongings you have. You need to create storage so everything has its place and it is easy to get to. Your space needs to be able to function without feeling too cluttered. Things need to be pushed to the side to make space for things that pull out. For instance, I have to roll a small cart to the side to make room for the fold-out table. That is what you are going to be facing when organizing a tiny house. Our bathroom sink is also our kitchen sink. This means washing dishes right away so that you have room to brush your teeth or wash your face. It is easy to keep a tiny house tidy as long as you are putting things back where it belongs as soon as you finish using it. The most significant benefit of a tiny house is less cleaning, and everything is within quick reach. Your utility costs per month are also going to be much lower.

From the photos, you can see the kitchen shelving that I bought and put together. It stands at 6ft tall by 4ft wide and is a perfect fit over our mini-fridge and trash can. It has a back piece near the bottom for support and stability. I didn't even hit my fingers once while building it! However, I did have a big blister in the palm of my hand from using the battery operated screwdriver. If you are going to build something like this, make sure you take measurements, get the right-sized screws, and make sure it is level. I used a bubble level. To hold everything together, I used L shaped and flat brackets. To maximize space in the tiny home, we use under the bed to store things such as the laundry basket, small exercising equipment, a case of water, vacuum-sealed clothing bags, and Little Kitty's pet stroller. Everything is all neatly tucked away with the oversized comforter hanging low off the bed to hide it all. While I was putting together the shelving unit, Little Kitty was in the loft supervising me lol. We use the loft to store suitcases and boxes, but it quickly became a space our cat liked. She would zoom up and down the ladder, so we left the ladder in place. I even cleared a little space and put a small cat house with fleece lining on top and inside for her. She loves it! Sometimes we tell her to go to her room, and she runs up the ladder. Cats generally like being in high places, so they feel safer and secure. It was important for her to have her own space. Jim has his area sitting at the desk, playing games on his tablet, and watching tv. I am usually sitting on the bed, or I unfold the table and chair as a workstation. For some reason, it doesn't feel cramped. It's comfortable. Now that the weather has gotten colder, we are thankful for a small room that heats up quickly! It also helps that I changed out lace curtains to blackout thermal curtains. Maybe when I start working I can put a little more decor work into our place but for now it's perfect.

I hope this helps give some perspective on what it is like to live in a tiny home. Not the most exciting blog that I will write, but I hope it is at least a little bit interesting to some curious folks.

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